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Tip: Select Deep Tool

Friday, July 15th, 2016

In this post we cover some of the amazing features of Select Deep, one of my favorite tools in ViaCAD.  Select Deep provides a means to access nested or embedded components of a CAD object.  With this component access you can do operations such as:

  • Delete solid faces
  • Delete mesh elements
  • Delete points from polyglines or splines
  • Delete elements from a group
  • Move faces and elements in a group
  • Change colors

In the video linked below, we demonstrate some of the many features of the Select Deep tool.


3D Printing with ViaCAD

Friday, July 1st, 2016

At $99, ViaCAD 2D3D provides access to the exciting world of 3D printing.  ViaCAD provides a full set of precision solid modeling commands such as extrude, sweeps, blends, shells, and boolean operations based on Dassault’s (creators of SolidWorks/CATIA) ACIS modeling engine.  By using precise solids, parts are more likely to pass the watertight 3D printing requirements.  Plus ViaCAD provides a variety of formats to share your digital creations through STEP, SAT, DWG, OBJ, and STL.

While at UNC, student Ethan Smith used ViaCAD to create a functional 3D printed helicopter.  Except for the rotors, fasteners, and aluminum tubing, the 10 pound helicopter was created from ABS parts designed with ViaCAD.  Below are some videos from Ethan showing the model in ViaCAD, plus his flight tests.

One of the things I find exiting about 3D printing is that it provides a low cost path to bring an idea to reality.  Ethan’s helicopter is an inspirational example!

For more information on ViaCAD please visit this link.

For more information on additional 3D printing tools within PowerPack please visit this link.