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Getting Started With ViaCAD–Training Videos

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

One of the best ways to get up to speed with ViaCAD is to check out the training videos that are included with the product.  For example, ViaCAD includes over 90 minutes of video training free with the product!  In this blog entry, we provide a bit of a guide into the videos that are provided.  These are excellent videos and well worth the time to review.  Check out the example below describing the text and dimension tools available in ViaCAD.


Editing Parts Without History

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

ViaCAD contains a collection of tools to edit parts without a history tree.    These tools are invaluable for modifying parts where you:

  • Import the file from another CAD system
  • Remove the tree to simplify the file size or regeneration times
  • Modify a part independent of a pre-defined feature (by face)

Check out the video below showing these interesting tools.


Our first implementation of tools to modify faces independent of features was around 1997.  We had source code to the Local Operations technology from Geometric Software Solutions (GSSL). At the time this was a third party component technology on top of ACIS to perform shelling and draft operations.  Later the technology was acquired by Spatial and tightly integrated into the ACIS kernel.  When you hear feature free modeling hype from CAD vendors typically the underlying workhorse is “Local Operations”.  If you are a software geek, click here for the Spatial docs on Local Operations. Interestingly, Local Operations is also the component name within the Parasolid kernel.