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Student Design Contest

Friday, January 8th, 2010

Design8 bv, our Shark distributor in the Netherlands, is hosting a student design contest using Shark FX V7. For more information and design rules visit the link below.…mpetition.html

Design8 website:

What’s New in Shark FX V7

Friday, January 8th, 2010

Punch is pleased to announce the beta of Shark FX V7.  The beta contains over 100 improvements or features relative to V5 that include updates to modeling, drafting, photorendering, and interoperability.  Some of key new features (some with videos) are listed below:

Key New Features

Check out the full release notes which over over the 100+ new features.

Shark FX V7 Release Notes

The CATIA V5 and Inventor translators are available only on PC.  However with Shark’s hybrid licensing you can install the PC version on your Mac (VMWare, BootCamp) to access these features.

Shark Technology Overview & Demo

Friday, January 8th, 2010

Many thanks to those of you who participatedrendu2 in our first Shark webinar.  This webinar provided a technical overview of Shark FX and demonstrated several of the new features coming out in V7.  One of the key features of Shark is its ability to work with three integrated modeling methods that include associative NURBs, history based solid modeling, and direct face editing.

The webinar also includes some demos showing several of the new features in V7 such as G2 blending, interoperability with Inventor 2010 parts and assembly import, HDRI rendering, and The Gripper.

Shark Webcast Playback Link