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Importing Text From Adobe Illustrator

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

We have many ViaCAD users who also include Adobe Illustrator in their tool chest. One common use is to create text in Adobe Illustrator using their advanced text tools (kerning/tracking) and then importing into ViaCAD. Once in ViaCAD you can extrude into 3D and perform operations such as blending and chamfering. This video shows how you can share data between the two applications.

Customer Success Story: XYZ Marine Products

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

Dragomir Ivicevic is the founder of XYZ Marine Products which is known in the marine industry for its highly rated Extreme Boat Anchor. Dragomir is also the inventor and mastermind behind the novel design approach that makes this anchor rated #1 in the industry and a preferred choice by demanding customers such as the US Navy and Oceaneering International. The Extreme Boat Anchor was designed using Shark FX.


ViaCAD Pro v7 Open Beta

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

Encore is pleased to announce open beta testing of ViaCAD Pro v7 for Mac and PC platforms. Over 120 changes and enhancements have been addressed in this major product upgrade relative to v6. Most notably, ViaCAD Pro now includes photorealistic rendering to produce high quality images from your 3D digital designs. Come visit our new lab site to access the beta and join in on the discussion of this exciting upgrade.

PunchCAD Labs
Download the beta and join the discussion at the labs.

Preliminary Release Notes
Review over 50 pages of new features and changes in the release notes.

ViaCAD Pro v7 Demos
Watch ViaCAD Pro v7 take on modeling a snowboard.
How to use ViaCAD Pro to model a bolt.