Customer Success Story: BrightLine Bags

Ross Bishop is the founder of BrightLine Bags which specializes in the design and sales of pilot flight bags.  This June, BrightLine Bags takes another step forward introducing their next generation of bags based on the  FLEX System. The FLEX System provides many options that not only appeal to pilots but anyone needing a professional utility or field bag.  In support of their design activities, BrightLine Bags uses Shark FX from concept to production design.

Ross is a hands on inventor who masterminded the novel BrightLine product of interchangeable bag options.  As a Certified Flight Instructor, Ross experienced the frustration of finding a suitable bag for his gear.  So Ross took on the challenge of designing a new bag.  Starting off with conceptual design ideas from Shark, Ross shared his ideas with others who encouraged him to continue.   Those ideas ultimately led to the first BrightLine bag and now the next generation of FLEX System bags.  Check out some of the CAD models of the bags and gear used to take this idea to reality.




“I could not of created all these products and all documentation for manufacturing without Shark.”

Ross Bishop

Founder, BrightLine Bags






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