Customer Success Story: XYZ Marine Products

Dragomir Ivicevic is the founder of XYZ Marine Products which is known in the marine industry for its highly rated Extreme Boat Anchor. Dragomir is also the inventor and mastermind behind the novel design approach that makes this anchor rated #1 in the industry and a preferred choice by demanding customers such as the US Navy and Oceaneering International. The Extreme Boat Anchor was designed using Shark FX.

The challenge faced by Dragomir was to design a lightweight anchor that could withstand the extreme forces and deformations common in deep sea environments. Key to the design was the choice of materials and the patented cutting edge saw blade enabling the anchor to penetrate a variety of bottoms. With plenty of design decisions on his plate, Dragomir needed a CAD tool that would allow him to freely conceptualize his design and yet create a precise, manufactorable part. After comparing usability, features, and price of a variety of CAD systems, Dragomir chose Shark FX. Of particular appeal was Shark’s ability to create and modify complex shapes in a precise yet intuitive manner.

“As an inventor I am working with companies such as Humanscale, Knoll, Westinghouse, Herman Miller, and NASA where precision standards are expected. My personal approach to design is “less is more” where the subject is reduced to its necessary elements. Shark FX belongs to the same philosophy where the work is stripped down to its most fundamental feature, with minimum mouse movement needed to create complex yet precise 3D form. It just works flawlessly. What I can imagine I can draw using the Shark FX.

Dragomir Ivicevic
XYZ Marine Products

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