Changing Tool Icons

One of the little known features of the Punch!CAD products is the ability for the user to change the tool icons. Below are a list of some of the interesting changes you can do regarding the tool icons.


Small/Large Icons
Located in the Preferences: User Interface dialog box is an option for small or large icons. Small icons are especially useful in conjunction with a projector or other low resolution devices. Or if you simply want more visible drawing area. Large icons are the default.

Custom Tool Bars
You can also create custom tool palettes for your most frequently used tools. Just drag and drop an existing tool onto one of your custom sized tool palettes. Check out this movie which shows how to create custom palettes with different tool icon sizes (16,24,32,64), orientations (horizontal,vertical) and transparency (Mac only).

Replace an Icon
And lastly, it is possible to completely replace tool icons. Each tool icon has four size representations (large, small, prompt, and tool cursor). By replacing a tool icon set you can achieve a completely new look! Check out these alternative desaturated icons created by Jolyon Yates.

Jolyon uses Shark FX to design some stunning chairs. He also gets credit for designing the current tool icons in the Punch!CAD products. Check out the alternative desaturated set of icons Jolyon created. To install this set of icons, click here to download a new skins folder. Then rename your existing Skins folder and replace with the unzipped new Skins folder. The Skins folder is located in your Punch!CAD application folder.

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